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With over 30 years of engineering excellence in imaging technology, Mitsubishi Electric’s newly developed high-resolution, high-speed magnetic image sensor is used in applications from ATM counting to counterfeit detection. By developing a highly sensitive CMOS sensor IC and high-efficient illumination system, Mitsubishi Electric has achieved one of the fastest scanning CIS in the world.

  1. Magnetic Sensors
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  1. Magnetic Ink Checker Module (MICMO)

MICMO’s resolution is 20x higher than that of the convention point magnetic sensor. With advanced features such as digital interface and image processing, MICMO excels in banknote sorting, counting, ATM recycling, check scanning and bill validating.

Magnetic Ink Checker Module (MICMO)

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Part Number Data Sheet Supply Status Image Output Data Output Format Output Clock Settings Sync Signal Settings Resolution (DPI) Image Process Function Applications
JS1C170 Active Bank Note Scanning icon
JS1C90 Active Bank Note Scanning icon