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A global leader in imaging technology, Mitsubishi Electric has been manufacturing magnetic sensors for over 30 years. The MICMO lineup offers high-resolution, high-speed performance, with a digital interface and image processing functionality.

Mitsubishi Electric magnetic sensors excel in banknote sorting, counting, ATM recycling, check scanning and bill validating.

Key Features

  • 20x higher resolution compared to conventional point magnetic sensor
  • Digital interface
  • Image processing function

Basic Functions

Image Output Mono
Data Output Format 11 bit
Output Clock Settings 25 MGz
Sync Setting External Sync
Resolution (DPI) 50
Image Function Offset Correction, Over Sampling, Gain Correction, Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA), DC Correction
Illumination Control

Speed Max

Color 600 dpi (m/min)
Color 600 dpi (mm/sec)
Color 300 dpi (m/min)
Color 300 dpi (mm/sec)
Color 150 dpi (m/min)
Color 150 dpi (mm/sec)
Mono 50 dpi (m/min) 480
Mono 600 dpi (m/min)
Mono 600 dpi (mm/sec)
Mono 300 dpi (m/min)
Mono 300 dpi (mm/sec)
Mono 150 dpi (m/min)
Mono 150 dpi (mm/sec)
RoHS Compliant Reach Compliant