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High Frequency Devices

Contributing to the higher reliability, miniaturization, and energy-saving of 5G base transceiver station (BTS), satellite communication (SATCOM), and wireless communication equipment such as portable radio systems for business use.

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Example application for High Frequency Devices products
High Frequency Devices products
Representative High Frequency Devices product
Example application for Optical Devices products
Optical Devices products
Representative Optical Devices product

Optical Devices

Optical devices contribute to energy savings and to the high-speed transmission of the increasing volumes of data that is now being communicated by fiber-optic lines, access systems, metropolitan systems and backbone systems, as well as to the expansion of FTTH.

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Infrared Sensors

Mitsubishi Electric’s Thermal Diode Infrared Sensor (MelDIR) accurately distinguishes between humans, objects, movements and other heat sources in a range of extreme conditions.

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Example application for Infrared Sensors products
Infrared Sensors products
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Example application for Contact Image Sensors products
Contact Image Sensors products
Representative Contact Image Sensors product

Contact Image Sensors

Mitsubishi Electric line scan cameras are compact, high resolution, and scan projects large or small at your speed.

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Magnetic Sensors

By developing a highly sensitive CMOS sensor IC and high-efficient illumination system, Mitsubishi Electric has achieved one of the fastest scanning CIS in the world. CIS are capable of supporting up to 16 light sources, including visible light, infrared, UV, and transmitted light.

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Example application for Magnetic Sensors products
Magnetic Sensors products
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