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Thermal Diode Infrared Sensors (MelDIR)

Mitsubishi Electric's Thermal Diode Infrared Sensor (MelDIR) realizes advanced detection for identifying heat sources and grasping their behavior without an expensive IR camera, when low visibility, such as darkness, smoke or light distortion is present. MelDIR can potentially be used in variety of applications for the New Normal lifestyle, such as surveillance systems, people-counting systems, air-conditioning systems, and other equipment for temperature control and measurement.

Mitsubishi Electric also offers "User-Support Tools" including application proposal documentation, product evaluation kits, reference codes, reference designs and other items to support the development of customers' products.



  • High pixel count and high temperature resolution allows the differentiation of people and movements vs. objects
  • Vacuum-sealing, chip-scale packaging contributes to compact space-saving size
    • Chip-scale packaging technology developed in-house
    • New packaging technology reduces product size to approx. 80% compared to conventional products*

*Compared to general 16x16 pixel thermopiles available in the market



Potential Applications of Infrared Sensor


Note: None of these applications have yet been tested and no products are currently under development or available for purchase. Accordingly, there are no claims made as to the ability of the Infrared Sensor to achieve success in these applications.