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Mitsubishi Electric incorporates proprietary Silicon on Insulator (SOI) diode technology to develop our Infrared Sensors with high-pixel, high-thermal-resolution while maintaining a compact sized module due to a chip-scale vacuum-sealing technology.

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  1. Thermal Diode Infrared Sensors

This infrared sensor incorporates thermal-diode infrared sensor technologies originally developed by Mitsubishi Electric to realize higher pixel and high-temperature resolution performance.

Thermal Diode Infrared Sensors

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Part Number Data Sheet Supply Status Pixel Resolution Thermal Resolution (mK) Viewing Angle (deg) Power Supply Voltage (V) Current Consumption (mA) Communication Interface Applications
MIR8032B1 PDF icon Active 80 x 32 100 78 x 29 3.3 50 SPI Sensing Systems icon
MIR8060B1 PDF icon Active 80 x 60 100 78 x 53 3.3 50 SPI Sensing Systems icon