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DIPIPMs™ are high performance IPMs used primarily for consumer and commercial use inverters. This family of devices incorporate the necessary power devices and gate driver ICs using transfer mold construction and high thermal conductivity insulation sheets. Mitsubishi Electric DIPIPMs™ offer a simple and robust solution for a variety of inverterized motor drive applications.

Key Features

  • Newly optimized 7th generation CSTBT IGBTs offering improved performance
  • Increased operating and maximum juntion temperatures from prior generations boosting over current capability in overload conditions.
  • User friendly device layout for simplified PCB patterns.
  • Discrete bootstrap diodes (BSD) with current limiting resistors are included in the package to create the P-side gate drive power supply.
  • Linear temperature feedback for system monitoring built in to the control IC.
  • Package compatible with all other Mini DIPIPM prodducts with boot strap diodes (BSD).
  • Increased minimum insulation distance between terminals by improved terminal shaping.


Rated Voltage (Vces)/(Vds) 600
Rated Current (Ices)/(Ids) 30
Viso (Vrms) 2500
Connection Type 6-Pack
Package Type Mini
Package/Dimensions (mm) 31 x 52.5
RoHS Compliant Reach Compliant UL Compliant