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DIPIPMs™ are high performance IPMs used primarily for consumer and commercial use inverters. This family of devices incorporate the necessary power devices and gate driver ICs using transfer mold construction and high thermal conductivity insulation sheets. Mitsubishi Electric DIPIPMs™ offer a simple and robust solution for a variety of inverterized motor drive applications. The DIPIPM+ series is our latest transfer molded Converter, Inverter, Brake (CIB) IPM. It integrates all three of these functions, or just the converter and inverter portions, to offer compact systems for commercial and industrial inverter applications like commercial HVAC, servo drives, and general purpose inverters.

Key Features

  • Newly optimized CSTBT IGBTs offering improved performance
  • Wide device lineup from 5A - 35A at 1200V and 50A at 600V.
  • User friendly device layout for simplified PCB patterns.
  • Discrete bootstrap didoes (BSD) with current limiting resistors are included int he package to create the P-side gate drive power supply.
  • Linear temperature feedback for system monitoring built in to the control IC.
  • Available with (M as 6th part number character) or without (N as 6th part number character) an integrate brake circuit.


Rated Voltage (Vces)/(Vds) 1200
Rated Current (Ices)/(Ids) 15
Viso (Vrms) 2500
Connection Type CIB
Package Type DIPIPM+
Package/Dimensions (mm) 34.5 x 85
RoHS Compliant Reach Compliant UL Compliant