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Mitsubishi Electric High Voltage (HV) IGBT modules provide drive circuit size reduction, system weight reduction, and improved efficiency. They are ideal for use in power electronics equipment, such as traction and large industrial machines.

Key Features

  • Low Loss Mitsubishi Electric 4th generation CSTBT IGBT and soft Recovery Diode technology
  • Internal structure achieves longer device lifetime through improved heat dissipation, moisture resistance, and flame retardance
  • AlSiC base plate
  • Package compatible with prior generations, and other industry standard devices


Rated Voltage (Vces)/(Vds) 4500
Rated Current (Ices)/(Ids) 800
Viso (Vrms) 10200
Connection Type Single
Package Type 130 x 140 IHM
Package/Dimensions (mm) 130 x 140