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Mitsubishi Electric’s lineup of High Power Si MOS FET discrete and module products are suitable for frequency ranges from 30MHz to 1GHz and output power levels up to 100W.

Key Features

  • Enhancement-Mode MOSFET Transistors
  • Broadband Frequency Range: 136-174MHz
  • High speed output rise/fall time
  • Module Size: 67 x 19.4 x 9.9 mm
  • Possible linear operation


Frequency (GHz)
Frequency (MHz) 440~520
Drain-Source Voltage (V)
Drain Current (mA)
Drain Voltage (V) 12.5
Drain Efficiency (Min %) 40
Output Power (W) 60
Input Power (Typ. W) 50
Package H2M(A)
Power Added Efficiency (%)
Linear Power Gain (dB)
Noise Figure (dB)
Associated Gain (dB)