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GaN HEMT with an N-channel Schottky gate designed for S-band base transmitter station applications.

Key Features

  • High Voltage Operation: VDS=50V
  • High Output Power: 37dBm (typ.) @ Psat, f=3.5GHz, Single Path
  • High Efficiency: 60% (typ.) @ Psat, f=3.5GHz, Single Path
  • High Gain: 18dB (typ.) @ f=3.5GHz, Single Path


Frequency (GHz) 2.5~3.8
Frequency (MHz)
Drain-Source Voltage (V) 50
Drain Current (mA)
Drain Voltage (V)
Drain Efficiency (Min %)
Output Power (W) 5
Input Power (Typ. W)
Package GF-67
Power Added Efficiency (%) 60
Linear Power Gain (dB) 17(min.) 18(typ.)
Noise Figure (dB)
Associated Gain (dB)
RoHS Compliant Reach Compliant