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With over 30 years of engineering excellence in imaging technology, Mitsubishi Electric’s Line Scan Cameras continue to exceed customer expectations. High-quality, high-performance cameras capture clear, vivid images across a diverse range of applications. When results and reliability matter most, count on Mitsubishi Electric.

Key Features

  • Ease of installation – Compact device (module)
  • Distortion-free & uniform images
  • Clear edge detection


Image Type - (Color/Mono/Switchable) Color (AX)
Interface CameraLink
Lighting No LEDs

Basic Functions

Image Output Color
Data Output Format 8/10-bit (only option at this time. Number of shades of grey. 10 is slower than 8)
Output Clock Settings 84 MHz (only option)
Sync Setting External/Internal sync mode (this is only option)
Resolution (DPI) 600/300/150 selectable
Image Function White/Dark correction, Interpolation, PGA, Gamma γ correction
Illumination Control Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) (On CXL/CX/DXL use Pulse Width Modulation with Electronic Shutter)

Speed Max

Color 600 dpi (m/min) 57.7
Color 600 dpi (mm/sec) 962
Color 300 dpi (m/min) 115.5
Color 300 dpi (mm/sec) 1924
Color 150 dpi (m/min) 230.9
Color 150 dpi (mm/sec) 3848
Mono 50 dpi (m/min)
Mono 600 dpi (m/min) N/A
Mono 600 dpi (mm/sec) N/A
Mono 300 dpi (m/min) N/A
Mono 300 dpi (mm/sec) N/A
Mono 150 dpi (m/min) N/A
Mono 150 dpi (mm/sec) N/A
RoHS Compliant Reach Compliant